I research a lot, mostly in private, but sometimes in public as well. One idea I’ve worked with is music and taste. I’ve done it with food and music actually increase or decrease the experience and taste of food. As well it affects you how social you are during the meal, as well if you want to eat and how much. This I might talk about some other time, but for you that knows swedish I’ve written articles about it:

Now I want to tell you about my latest idea and project. I contacted the wine society Tryffelsvinet and they loved my idea. What I’ve done is that I’ve matched the wines with my music. Luckily for me I write music in very different genres, ’cause I tell you. Not any wine will go with a bossanova, neither blues. But those who does, it increase the flavor and a wine you might thought was boring can be brought to a whole different level.

We tried it out the 26 of March in Gothenburg with total success!

The next time will be in Malmö in May. Wine tasting and music, I’ll keep you updated about exact date and place. The people in Gothenburg that joined us for our premiere loved it with all their heart! Hopefully you will too!

Enjoy your weekend dear folks!