I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I know I did something right.

Thursday was the first day a lyric was given to me. The writer was a 7-year old girl and she had written “hoooooome” where the long notes were. I don’t know the melody, but I know she had the feeling. The song was about how sad it is when a friend leaves, that she wants me to follow my dreams, that I taught about singing and dancing and that I will be in her heart forever. Yes, I did cry.
Later that evening I received two letters and three pictures. I was giving a concert for my colleagues, so I refused to read the letters, because I can’t sing and cry. I also received a book written by a little fellow that barely knows how to write. He didn’t get his own name right, but he got mine right. I find it very impressive that with passion and determination you can do what you want. There’s so many people who knows how to write and has never written even an article. He’s five and he made a book about joy, love, environment and passion. Well, I might have interpret some of the lines wrong, but I got the message. We became best friends after that.
The Friday was my last day and they were going to thank me infront of the whole school. I concentrated to think about paddling out in the waves to surf, so I wouldn’t cry. Then there was a surprise… One class had written a song and wanted to perform it. The lyrics were: “Goodbye Lovisa, We’re gonna miss you, Hope to see you soon again.” And they were playing ukulele. It was the kids idea, 7-8 year olds and they wrote it and it was their idea to perform it. It was too much and I couldn’t care less to hold any emotions back. In the end, that’s what I’m teaching in the drama classes and music without emotions is not music.
The class had also made me paintings, many.

What touched me the most was that they didn’t write so much about music, they wrote about love. The giving and receiving of love. Music was just a tool to show, teach, learn and grow with love. Music is magic, love is magic, these kids are magic…