I’ve thought a lot about songwriting and how to create songs. It was even my subject when I wrote my final essay at the Acadamy of Music. There are a lot of tricks that you can adapt to be able to write songs, how to start, how to find a subject, to find the right perspective of the subject, a suitable melody, right style, instrumentation and arrangement etc. I do have the feeling though that it’s not all up to me to write the songs I write. It’s also up to the song to choose me to pin it down. Songs start a lot of time for me, kind of poking me, distracting me. It can be a story I hear, or a word I see that makes me think of something, it kind of teasing a nerve that reach an emotion I need to care about. I can’t neglect the stories, ’cause they don’t leave me until they’re out in the open on a paper or voice recorder. I’ve heard people saying when they hear a good song that they wish that they had written the song. I’ve never had that feeling, or maybe I did long time ago, but I don’t remember it anymore. Just because I know that the song has chosen it’s writer and if the song chose me I wouldn’t have had the same way of putting the words together or the melody would be created from my knowledge and experience. Hence it might remind of the song, but the song would only be written in the way that it was meant to be, because the song chose it’s writer. I’m just happy that the song found it’s writer and that I have the pleasure to experience it as an audience.
This is something I’ve thought about a lot and it’s nice when you think about something and then you meet other people with kind of the same idea. I’ve mentioned in my blogs before that I love TED talks, and here is another one that inspired me about this subject. I love the very healthy perspective she has on the subject.

Lots of love,