I guess this blog will now be very much China. Or more Qingdao. I’ve finally visited the city. It’s absolutely beautiful town by the ocean. It took my breath away. The thing is, there’s so much strange things going on here so it’s hard to describe it. Right now I’m just experiencing it and I just accept everything, ’cause that’s just common sense in China. For example, if you’ve eaten a chicken and your little plate is full of bones you just put the bones beside the plate, on the table and put whatever you feel like eating on your plate.

I was invited to a Chinese wedding. The time was 11.28, because 8 is a good number. It was dragons dancing and a band that was just making a lot of noise. Then they had a moderator that was talking like Ty Pennington in American Home make over. If you’re american you might not know this, cause you’re so used to it. Ty Pennington screams all the time. A beautiful thing they did was that they had filmed somebody that did sand art and told they’re love story meanwhile painting it with sand. Everything was just beautiful and too much. They even played Westlife when they were about to kiss. She changed her clothes four times. On the table you were first served, wine and tea of course, then the chicken, fish, Beijing duck etc came in and then after a while the wedding cake came in. So there was both fish and cake served at the same time. The cake was eaten with the chop sticks. I’ve never done, or even considered to eat cake with chop sticks before. The wedding was beautiful and romantic and it’s amazing how you don’t even have to understand the language, me and my friends shed a little tear anyway.

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I’ve also had the pleasure of having a little sign made for me at work. I love playing and I love doing it a lot!!! So here you can see my name in Chinese.



Everything I write is just so little things. My friend called me the other day and asked me how it was. I answered her, “weird”. I love it though, but there’s always something weird happening every day!

Gotta love it!