“This day is like a dream…” is a quote of my new friend and colleague Ida.

The day started with an easy and direct plan, to hike to the top of the Laoshan mountain. Me, Ida and Christine. Christine had talked to a man that was a customer at work. He practice taoism and is actually restoring one of the temples close to Laoshan. The day started that he brought us to an area for just private people where we had an enormous amount of tea. Really nice, calm and quiet place. We were invited for dinner too, but wanted to head on. We ate at another restaurant in the mountains where they had grown all the vegetables themselves and the eggs were from their own chicken. This was one of the most tasteful meals so far! Not too spicy, with much chili.

Then it was time for the hike. It took probably two ours to go up the mountain. Since it was a touristic hike it was stairs and I’m really grateful for those, cause it was really tough anyway. Me and Ida went first and when we came to the top we met ten happy chinese people that wanted to take a photo with the foreigners. So sweaty and tired we of course posed on the picture!

This view was absolutely breathtaking. It was worth every step and every drop of sweat. I took a little moment for myself and just felt the soft breeze touching my skin, listening to the wind and birds talking, breathing the scent of sky and eternity. Then I returned to my friends.

We continued to walk and reached a temple. It’s some kind of really nice peace when you enter a temple. It relaxes my soul. Inside the temple were four people. One master, one master of the master, a woman that was there to heal from her sickness and a six year old boy that had lost his dad and grandparents. It was magic to enter the building and even more to enter and to take part of their stories. The woman gave us a bracelet each that is typical in taoism. It’s for protection.We sat down and had some tea for a while. Before we headed back to the car.

It was so much amazing impressions today. I’ve taking part of lovely and loving people, breathtaking views, amazing surroundings and just pure, pure magic…

10448748_10152545364256457_2436915419153574945_nrandom Chinese people on the top. 10330232_10152545365446457_7632016609145225763_nJust nature…10450531_10152545364996457_9073872156957777790_nMaster of Taoism and me.


Wish you a fantastic day,