I’ve noticed a difference in the world. Maybe and probably it’s as well me that has changed my perspective and views. I’ve opened my eyes for everything good that is happening in the world and when I focused on seeing that, more good things appeared and that made less space for bad things trying to get my attention.
Yes, there are many bad things also, but there are more good than bad things that are happening in this world. There are more good people than bad.

I want to tell you about my landlord. Last year I received a Christmas gift from them. Two tickets to the movies. I went and saw the Hobbit, of course… (Of course, for me, maybe not for you). I’ve had about 20 landlords and this has never, I mean never happened that I get a Christmas gift from my landlord. I’ve never even heard about a landlord that gives Christmas gifts. This makes, of course, all the people that lives in his/her (both man and woman) building wanting to take better care of their apartment.

This year it was different. My landlord is supporting a home in India for girls, right now 16 girls lives there and their intention is to make place for 16 more next year. One of the girls was found in a trash can at the age of three days. My landlord contributes to computers amongst other things so that the girls has the possibility to education. So instead of buying Christmas gifts to us, the people that rent apartments, they give that amount of money to the girls in India. So by just living in an apartment I indirectly contribute to girls in India. That is just so fantastic!! The amount they give is 22 500 SEK, which is about 3 422 USD.

The thing is, I haven’t bought Christmas gifts for 10 years now. Normally I give the amount I’m supposed to buy Christmas gifts for to a politically and religious independent organization f.ex. Amnesty or Doctors Without Borders. I have another idea this year, but I can’t tell you about it until after Christmas 🙂

I was so grateful when I found the letter from my landlord. I do love the movies, but I love a better world even more….

There’s so much love and care around us and I’m sure that if we all just focus on it, it’s all that will be shown to us.

Lots of love to you!