Lately, when friends call me and ask me how I am, I just have one answer: Fantastic.

Now, that answer is normally followed with another question from my friends, something like ‘Oh, has something happend?’. I guess that a normal answer here would be; I’ve bought a new guitar, I’ve bought a loop pedal, I’ve got a really great management, I got a job, I’ve met someone, I’m getting married, I’ve won a contest, my unknown daddy is Steve Jobs and I just happened to be rich now. But that’s not the case. When my friends ask me if something has happened I just have one true answer; absolutely nothing. And then I get even more happy for being happy for absolutely no reason. Happiness can be tricky sometimes in your life, it can be really hard and seem to never go your way. It’s been that way for me too and probably will come a time when I might find it hard to be happy for no reason. That’s ok, ’cause I’m human and that’s a part of life.
I do have a lot of reasons to be happy, you know, everyday reasons. My friends, I tell you, they are awesome. They are intelligent, creative, hilarious, and humble. We challenge each other in best way possible. I know they would never agree with me if they didn’t. Sometimes they don’t agree with me just to challenge me and to have a discussion. That can be annoying when I know in my heart that they think the same way, but I love it even more. It makes me be very certain of why I think and do things the way I am.

I’ve changed perspective in life. First, I know that no one in this whole world can make me happy. No one!! No one but me. There’s extremely many people I can share my happiness with, but no one else can make me happy. So every time I have a bad day now, I might talk a little about it with someone, if something has specific happened. But if it’s just a bad day I try to figure out why, and most of the time, I’m just hungry. Easy to solve.

I have a friend that has a dog that is extremely (!!!) happy for some reason. Dogs are most of the time happy, but this one is about to explode of happiness of just existing. I admire him every time I see him. He’s just smiling as much as a dog possibly can and he’s always happy about whatever is happening even though he has no clue what it is. I’ve had a goal that one day, I’ll be like him. I’ll be extremely happy for just existing. Happy-as-a-not-too-clever-dog – check!

Of course things happen, like with my music. More gigs coming up for that simple reason that I work for it, which is what makes me extremely happy in life. I made it to the music video top list for the 8th week of this year. I have funny projects going on. I’m taking classes in economy, which I love. I read a lot, dance a lot. I hang out with people in new places, going to parties, lectures, meeting up with new and old friends playing music all night. I got so many small and funny stories to tell, even just if I’d tell the stories of this year it would probably be a book of 100 pages. With a lot of gratitude I’ve found the goal of the pursuit of happiness.

Have an excellent day!

This is the theme song of my life: