What is taught many times in life from people around us and as well in school is to reach a goal. Doesn’t matter if it’s grades, achievements, relationship or career. When you’ve reached the goal, it’s taught that you now have succeeded and you should be happy. I think this makes a lot of people miss the actual happiness. I used to do and think the same way, which turned me into being overproductive. I actually did enjoy most of the things I did and it gave me results I’m still enjoying, for example with music, which is still paying off, but I could have done less and enjoyed things more.

Music has brought me all around the world from NY to Shanghai and I’ve met so many amazing people and have had encounters I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for music. Music is a universal language. At times I was overproductive though and I always thought about the next step, also because that’s what everybody you meet is asking you. This can be stressful. Now though, I still do a lot of things both with and without music, but I’m more present, values my efforts and I think this is the best gift I’ve received when I’ve been living in other countries. A new perspective of how to enjoy life, who I am and what I do.

This is more about my new process I’m going through, because I’ve done music literally all my life and it’s difficult to tell about some struggles that you don’t remember. It all can adapt to the same important thing – process is the goal and this is about surfing.

All the photo’s are taken by Simone Lucchini

During a year I wrote articles of my process of learning how to surf. I got the idea when I was at a surfcamp in Sardinia and realised that a professional surfer can never tell me the same way about learning, just as I can’t talk to you about learning how to read notes. I thought it was something you learned as you learned to speak. My idea was to write about my process, struggles, failures and achievements. I contacted some surf magazines and there was one that thought it was an interesting idea.

To surf is amazingly fun and makes me ridiculously happy and I’ve met fantastic, loving and caring people because of this. I’m still a beginner, but as long as you’re doing it with a smile, you’re doing it right, I’ve heard. So yes, I’m doing it right, because I’m smiling. I’ve surfed after these articles have been published and I have plans to continue as much as I can. There’s so many waves that I need to catch. Here’s my process of learning how to surf and I hope you find it interesting and maybe inspiring to surf yourself or just enjoying the process of learning anything.

Breaking the wave, part one.

Breaking the wave, part two.

Breaking the wave, part three.

Breaking the wave, part four.

Breaking the wave, part five. 


Lots of love,