In some days someone is going to come to my apartment, early in the morning and check out the ventilation. I have a normal phone to open my door downstairs. So this phone rang this morning and since it woke me up I thought that the day had come for the people to check out my ventilation so I answered, which I normally don’t if I don’t know anyone’s coming to visit. I don’t answer ’cause then it’s always a salesman.

I answered the phone and a really nice voice asked me if I was interested in a copy of a specific morning news paper. I was thinking “early in the morning, you call me up and trying to sell me stuff!!!” I said:” No, thank you”. Then the voice said: “Good morning!” My thoughts was that now this woman is really trying to talk me into something. So I just cut her off, said I’m not interested and hung up. Meanwhile I was hanging up I heard her say nooooo. I was thinking that if you really want to sell to me you have to be better that that! Then the phone rang again and I again, I went back to my bed for a few more minutes to enjoy my morning and ignoring the phonesignal.

I always turn of my mobile phone during night, so I turned it on and checked out facebook. I had received a message from one of my best friends and then I realised… ‘Cause for some reason when we call eachother in the morning on our way to work instead of asking how you are we ask “have you read the morning paper”. Then it hit me…. The morning call that I ignored was probably my best friend having a variation of that question, and yes it was. Which made me giggle all day long for being so cocky in my head towards the “salesman”. I did understand as well why she had been yelling noooo.

I missed a morning talk with her, but we both had a laugh all day! A little joke turned into an even bigger joke.
Life is fun!


Enjoy your everyday humour!

Lots of love