Today I’ve been frustrated, really much, more like really pissed off, but it’s not nice to write so I just keep to frustrated.

The thing is, I invent a lot of things in my mind, within any area, food, internet, wardrobes and a lot of other things. Now, I’ve figured out something that will benefit a lot of people globally. I know for certain that there’s a big need for it, I know because I need it and I know people who actually needs it. It’s something that would make this world a big favour. Yes, I’m talking big about a little app.

I’ve been in contact with a company that can help me, but as everything this costs. I had no idea it was going to be so much so I just have this fantastic idea that I know you want, but I’m just $50 000 short. I just have to learn how to do things myself, which will take a very long time or find someone that can make apps that want to collaborate with me or just put this great idea on the shelf.

I actually got so frustrated for the lack of money, so I went running, and I love sports, but running is not one of them. I ran for an hour. I hate, yes, hate is a strong word, hate being limited. I love, yes, love is also a strong word, love being productive.

If you know someone that knows how to code advanced apps, please send that person my way!