In Qingdao I met a wonderful person named Christine. She will still be staying here for a while longer. So I invited her for a last dinner. Chinese food is very special and a lot of times so spicy that you barely can taste the actual meat or vegetable. It’s a good spice though, but little too much of it. So I wanted to go to a really nice place and since I’m in love with google I found one as well. The reviews were words like “we went here for lunch, but it was so good we had to go back for dinner”, “best italian food I’ve ever eaten”, “wonderful service” etc. I love good food so I knew I had found my place.

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I brought Christine to this place called My Italiano Doc. We took our time to order, since everything looked so good. Finally we did. We found out that normally this place is crowded, but last night it was very calm. So the chef/owner was bored. First we got some little thing and since it was a nice restaurant I assumed it was just an appetizer before the starter. You know, a little extra that makes the difference to make you feel special. Then the waitress took that away and in front of us she placed an oyster. It was so fresh and nice. Actually my first oyster in my whole life. Lovely! After that it was something I don’t remember, but I still remember the taste. I had to take a break here ’cause that taste stayed in my mouth and were just lingering around my tongue and all around my mouth. It was amazing. On the table after that it was placed a shellfish salad, that was exquisite. The evening went on like this for 15-20 different dishes. We ate prosciutto, duck, ruccola, parmesan, beef, asparagus, clams, salmon, lasagna, dessert, fruit and more. To that we had champagne, wine, dessertwine, italian vodka(just to make space for more food), lemon-something. We actually ate for four hours.

I was very full, but I can tell you this, if I’d die by eating this mans food, I’d gladly do it. I’ve never tasted so exquisite food in my whole life. It was so nice I had tears in my eyes. Several times during this meal I couldn’t hold back and made sounds that might make you think of “When Harry met Sally”… Pure food orgasm! The food where exploding in my mouth. Not by spices, but just the exact amount of balanced flavors lingering around, filling my body with total pleasure. Time after time, dish after dish, all my senses were pleased. Not only can this man cook and measure the exact time to put it on the stove, spices and how to do it. What makes his food so extremely extraordinary is that you can taste the love and passion he puts in it. It’s like hearing a concert with a singer, classical violinist or guitarist or whatever. If the performer play exactly correct it can be nice, but if you can hear and feel the love and passion behind all the tones it reaches your heart and embrace your soul. This is the same.

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Yesterday I wrote that if you never go to Qingdao, you wouldn’t miss a thing. I take it back, take it back as much as I can!. If you ever have the chance to go to Qingdao, go to this restaurant and have the meal of your life. Go even for just for a night in Qingdao. Take the flight/train from where ever you are. Doesn’t matter what you order. I guarantee you, it’s magnificent whatever you order.


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I could not have experienced a better night with this wonderful woman! She’s become a very big part of my life and I’m so happy that she was with me to enjoy this!