It’s that time again when I needed to get a new passport. I’ve had some already, but this one was the best so far. It brought me to share my music in places like New York and China. Surfing waves in Sri Lanka and Morocco. Running in the jungle in Malaysia and walking the beach Thailand. Drinking wine and eating excellent food i Italy and Australia.
With this passport I’ve seen sun and moon set and rise in all the continents (yes, there’s a discussion of how many they are, but this is what I learned in school. I’ve later learned that there are between 4-7 depending which country you come from.)
This passport has brought me a lot of really intelligent, funny, caring and humble people into my life. They’ve given me so many lovely stories and joined me during experiences, both under and on water and on land. I’ve grown in knowledge and as a person.
It’s with great sadness I have to let go of this little book that’s almost full of covered pages. It’s also with great joy I welcome my new little book with empty pages and I look forward to fill them up.
The old one brought me a lot of dear friends and I’m expecting the new one to be a part of me keeping all of you!

Best book of my life is definitely my passport and I’m looking forward to fill up the pages in the next one.



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