The wind is blowing outside the window. No trains have been running since 5 pm. It’s October and the yellow leaves are falling.  Will there be any yellow leaves left on the trees when I wake up tomorrow? The wind increase more and more and at the most will be 30 meters per second. In England the storm was called St Juda, but here we call her Simone.
In Sweden though, we build solid houses. So we’re all inside, tucked up in the sofa having a cosy time, together or by ourselves, but even alone, you’re together with everybody a night like this. Blanket – check, cup of tea – check, nice music – check. All good, Simone, you’re welcome. At least from my side, but I’ll miss the last yellow leaves that you’re taking with you. Tomorrow I’ll wake up to naked trees.  I guess there are some people seeing the last leaves fall. They don’t have a solid house or apartment, they don’t have a blanket, cup of tea or even hot water nor nice music to listen to. Sweden used to be different or is it just that it’s always been the same, but we’re just not hiding the problem of poverty anymore?
I hope the ones without a solid house had a nice warm corner or something to shelter them. Or somewhere to go if they’re cold where they can have a blanket and a cup of tea. The music will always be there, though, maybe not Etta James that’s been singing from my speakers tonight, but mother earth has a powerful voice as well. She sang tonight, with a violin section and at times even a rhythm section. You, that were out tonight, were you the chosen one to see the last yellow leaves fall from the trees? Was it you that heard mother earth sing her lullaby as she tucked in earth in a big yellow blanket? Did you see her caress the water, trees and grass, before it falls asleep for the winter? Did you? That means that you’re special. She chose to share this moment with you.