Three days off and no plans. So what to do? My new acquaintances just randomly said that they were going to Shanghai. So I joined. Or actually I went a day before them.

There’s one thing that’s always really good to do when you’re in a town all by yourself. To dance salsa. I googled and I found a place, took a shower, packed my shoes and went with a taxi. And there it was. The salsa dancing.  I headed towards the bar. Love sitting in the bar, ’cause you always speak to more people then. Ordered some food and suddenly two sweet women started to talk to me. One chinese girl and one from Slovakia. Lovely girls that kept me company until I started to dance, ’cause then I’m impossible to keep company, ’cause I dance! It was a live band and pure magic to dance again. Was a long time ago now! I haven’t found any dance in Qingdao.

Second day I woke up at my very nice hotel and met my two friends that had arrived to Shanghai. They were newly awake and I suggested us to go to Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. They were too tired to have an opinion so they tagged along and this was a magic place. Old, nice houses and water in between. We went with a gondola and it was so relaxing it felt like massage for our souls. Beautiful! We walked around for hours and just enjoyed to exist.


These two girls was excellent travel company. So easy going and didn’t make any fuzz about anything. They really knew how to enjoy life. They’re from the north part of Sweden and I’m from the south. I can tell you, there’s some really big cultural clash although we are from the same country. We do have a very different experience what summer is about. Crayfish parties is a very swedish tradition for me, is something really rare for them. So I taught one of the girls how to eat crayfish in Shanghai.

The last day we went to the Bund, which is a walk by the river. You can see the TV-tower etc. On our way walking the streets in Shanghai we found House of Blues and Jazz. There we finally had, what we think is normal, bar. A liveband that performed later that evening was rehearsing. We stopped by a BBQ on the sidewalk and went up to Bar Rouge. That view was sooooo surrealistic. It just felt like it was on TV. Breathtaking in a total different way than Laoshan of course! Magic! image

We went back to see the live perfomance at the blues bar. Went back to the hotel and woke up with focus on the french consession. Another friend had recommended a café that was so extremely cute, so we stayed for hours, still just enjoying our own existence. image

Shanghai was a true pleasure and my acquaintances that turned in to friends and amazing travel partners was  such a pleasure to share this experience with! I really look forward to visit them in the north of Sweden and to show them around in the south!

Veronica, Jonna, Thank you!