With a soft piercing voice, Lovisa, creates an atmosphere with her music, that makes an impression on your innermost thoughts, impossible to hide from.

In the house where Lovisa grew up was an organ and as soon as Lovisa could crawl she aimed for the bass pedals on the organ. The girl just had to play! At the age of ten she had her first guitar lesson. An instrument that knew, before she did, that it was meant to be in her hands. With a big interest in traveling, people, sports and a major curiosity of learning new things, no matter what, Lovisa collected subconsciously experience and material for her songs.
After living some years abroad in France, Mexico, Iceland and Norway, she returned to Sweden to see what level she wanted her music to be in her life. She educated at folk-high schools and the Acadamy of music. A very clear answer came to her at this time.
Music told her that it’s the only way for her to breath, live and keep her soul pulsing.

Her music is a mix of blues, country, soul, folk and bossanova. That’s what happens when a woman throws herself out in the world!
In the world, and all it contains, is where all her songs will be found…

So far she’s performed all the way from New York to Kina.

Album #2 was released May 2013, single Shining Star was released 3rd of April. Recorded by Henrik Alsér (Robyn, The Hives, Soundtrack of our lives) with fabulous musicians as Filip Runesson, Steve Grahn, Paddy Sherlock and more. This album has inspiration from Brazil, Ireland, U.S.A. and Sweden amongst other. Lyrics about experiences bad and good, relations to people, dead or alive. This is an album that brings you through everything from tragic to strengthen stories. Stories dressed in music inspired from different corners of the world and will be shared on stage.

Album #1 was recorded in Los Angeles by Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent) and gave result in increasing interest from media and a growing amount of gigs. She has played at everything from jails and cafées to festivals and TED talks, both in Sweden, as well as abroad like France, Mexico, Germany and USA. No matter where – she’s in love with the interaction; performance – audience, and the love is returned.