Hello all people,

It’s something with my audience, I don’t know how it comes but my audience is always, I mean always, so full of love. We, me, my musicians and audience always have such a great time! The thing is…. It’s not always it’s the same people in the audience.. But the audience is always so loving and giving. Think about it… You are special!

I had big expectations on the release party, wrapped up with some nerves, until the day came. Then there was nothing more I could do than to enjoy it, so that’s what I did. About 170 people came. Some of them with plans to just listen to some songs and then do other things after that, but they all stayed. I was prepared enough with what stories I was going to present both in between the songs and the songs, of course. This night made me feel special, it made me feel like I could do anything and I will do anything, because of you, audience, because of you.

After the show one person told me:”This is the best musical experience I’ve had my whole life and I’m sixty and have a lot of experience to compare with.”. Another one said “I havn’t heard anyone sing as good since Eva Cassidy”. Yes it is a lot because of me, ’cause the fact that I actually write the songs, arrange them and perform, but if you, audience hadn’t taken them to your heart and giving me that joy and love it wouldv’e been so much harder to go up again and again.

Sweet words were also said: “When you started, I knew I was experiencing something unique, that would only happen tonight”.


This time I had all my musicians with me and they are so good that they can play with any world artist! So them and you, audience, helped me to give the best performance in my life, so far. Good job!!

My musicians were/are:
Filip Runesson – violin,
Emil Sjunnesson – drums
Anders Djurfelt – bass/vocals
Kristian Rimshult – piano
Göran Abelli – trombone
Steve Grahn – dobro
and me on guitar/vocals/harmonica

To quote a friend who’s an experienced psychologist and has a history with arranging concerts: “When you started to play I knew that this was something big I was about to experience. Something that was just that moment and it was special that I was there to experience it.”

I will give many, many more performances, but this one is someone I will wrap up in tender silk in my heart.

Of course I will give more performances, I’ve already booked them and I’ve already written songs to my third album, release for album #2, was sooooo last week. 🙂

Audience, a major thank you!  You make me be everything I’ve ever intended to be!

Lots of love