I have mentioned before that I teach guitar. It’s a lot of nagging the same chords over and over and over again, because the students might not practice in between the classes. I do have sweet students, most of them, some are annoying of course, but most of them I really like.

Last week we had a concert. I want to have fun, both meanwhile practicing and at the concert moment. Just so you know, the age of my students are around 9-13.  So we had chosen four songs to perform. First of it was playing the melody of a normal swedish song for children. Kind of like twinkle, twinkle little star. After that we did Michael Jacksons ‘Bad’. I sang. The next song was a song three girls had chosen. They’re 13 and the song was ‘Mama, I’m coming home’ Ozzy Osbourne. They did such an excellent job that the audience were clapping so loudly that they barely could hear the outro. There was a choir as well that was going to sing and my students were playing The Fox as they sang. What I concentrate on is a lot on actually teaching more than just play, but also arrangements. Which results in that the students can hear and feel music. I was so proud of all the girls. And yes, I only have girls on this school, there were a few guys, but they gave up. So nice with the prejudice that girls don’t play guitar, (yes, I do know about Badi Assad, Orianthi Panagaris, Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Batten etc), but in total, there’s more guys and people always expect you to be a pretty girl and sing pretty. My girls are awesome and actually have pretty much attitude, which I love! So do expect a lot of more female guitarists on stage in the future.

On top of this I had a lesson yesterday whereas the conversation went kind of like this:

Student 1: I can’t come next week.
Me: Ok
Student 1: I’m going to Crete.
Student 2: Fun for you, but we’re going to have guitar class, which is great and this song is going to be so much fun to play. (playing Rihannon – Fleetwood Mac)
Student 1: Want to change?
Student 2: No!

Vacation in Crete vs guitar lesson with me = 0-1

Yes, I am proud and if it was allowed to share videos from the concert with my students I gladly would! But I can’t so you just have to wait until they’re rocking in some band…