Snow covered the ground as I was sleeping last night. It’s beautiful, but I’m not at home so I can’t change to better gloves. I’ve decided to go to Uppsala and stay at a friends place, just because she’s sweet. She’s at work and I’m working at her place at the moment. This morning has been a really nice one.

She and her boyfriend has this wonderful routine of setting up the table for breakfast, before they go to sleep. They set up a plate for me as well. I went up after them, but there it was, a set table saying good morning to me.

I’ll head of to Stockholm in a few hours.
On saturday, I’ll first be in the radio, talking, playing some songs and actually some covers. Which normally never happen, but sometimes even I make exceptions. You’ll hear me play in the Gayradio in Stockholm, either you live here and can listen at FM 95,3 MHz  at 2 p.m. or you can listen at the netradio at
Since the Swedish Eurovision in going on I’ll play covers of some songs that’s been winning the Swedish Eurovision. From no covers to, yes, Eurovision songs in the Gayradio is just hilarious and i do like to have fun. I’ll play something of my own as well, of course.

Later I’ll be playing at Fotografiska at 7 p.m. I’m very exited. I just love to play and there’s an exhibition that I think is fantastic, which I’m looking forward to enjoy as well!

It’s going to be a wonderful saturday and I’m really looking forward to meet all of you!