Today is the day you can watch my second music video. I’m a little nervous, ’cause I really want you to like it. I’m very satisfied with it, but of course it would mean a lot to me if you like it too. You’re important to me!

As I’ve mentioned before it’s a collaboration with talented Christina Neferis (Los Angeles,U.S.A) as director/editor.
More talents I’ve had the pleasure to work with is: Fredric Ollerstam, as Director of Photography (Sweden):
Dance choreographer/dancer: Jonas Örknér, was a great pleasure to have in this video. He’s a good dancer and I could just tag along!
Violinist, is the most talented, Filip Runesson

Yes I’m nagging about all talented people, but they just are, so what can I say?! 😀 I’m just grateful!

Here’s the video! If you want to share it, I’d appreciate it, if you just want to look at it, that’s just fine too!