I had no idea. I had no idea about Malaysia. Pictures, information etc has just passed me by in my life. I had to go to China and not enjoying it too much to have some spirit kicking my ass so I would end up in this magical place.

This week I’ve met so many nice and caring people here. Now, I did get some help. The friend that open up for me here told me about his friends. He’s not here at the moment, but all his friends welcome me with open arms and loving hearts. It’s hard to not fall in love with a country when you are welcomed like that.  It’s just my first week, but it feels like I belong. I just have to figure out the specific purpose why life brought me here instead of sending me to Sweden.

I’ve already attended a jam session at my regular place. Yes, I have a regular place and did already after three days. They greet me with saying ‘hello Lovisa’, as staff normally do when you’ve been a regular for a while. Sometimes both parts knows you’re about to be a regular so you start of with that kind of sitting, talking and enjoying each others stories.

I’ve tried something I had no idea about. I was introduced to hashing. As these people describe themselves it’s “a beer drinking club, with a running problem”. It’s nicely crazy people with good hearts and a giant sense of humor. Somebody sets the trail and the rest is running in their own speed until they reach the set goal. At the goal there’s food and beer. I love hanging out where there’s activities included. Always makes people so much happier. Happy people doing activities always seem more curious and has always good stories to share.
The trails in Malaysia has so far been in the jungle. Yesterday we ended up at Monkey Beach. As you can understand on the name. You can see monkeys there. It was a really rich sea life with crabs, conches (with animals inside), lizards, jellyfish and even a little stingray. As we had our food and beer and enjoying each others company the moon came and lit up the beach. That night the full moon was bigger than normally, which it is a few times per year. So imagine a beach, with palmtrees, nice and loving people, food, beer and then…. the moon from “once upon a time-faitytale-land” rises and you could almost hear Audrey Hepburn’s sweet and tender voice singing “Moon River”.

Conclusion: You don’t have to die to get to paradise.