I ended up in country I haven’t thought about since I was three and tried to dig in the sandbox.

I’m talking about China. You see, I’m no procrastinator and if I get ideas I do them. Sometimes I do my projects and then I kind get what I’m up to a little later. So I got this job in the end of March and the 29th of May I sat on the plane to China.

I knew I was going to get a big perspective on life and just after a few hours I kind of got my first ones. Of course my luggage was late, but it always is so it’s more a rule than an exception. I actually find it pretty good, ’cause it’s always so much easier to just go to where you’re staying with just your handluggage and somebody brings the rest of the luggage afterwards.

One thing I already is looking forward to with going back is to know what I’m eating. I’m not too fond of slimy stuff, but I’ve already eaten some… Got to adapt right, and yesterday I ate some slimy green stuff that was supposed to be a shrimp. That one was actually pretty good! I would never know that I liked green, slimy stuff if I didn’t taste it, would I?

I had no idea that it was so hard to get from somewhere to somewhere else. First there’s an app to get hold of the taxi… If you speak Chinese…. So as a foreigner you have to wave forever and then the taxi driver can decide if he feels like understanding you or not. Yes, your pronunciation might be terrible, but if you show pictures of the written address or/and giant buildings that is in the area and they still have no idea… Hmm, if they’re just not in the mood to drive you, they don’t.

It’s interesting to look different. Yesterday a parent slowed down the car, drove closer to the sidewalk, so his/hers 2,5 year old child could look at the foreigner on the sidewalk.

I learned extremely fast that this is a country you can’t have any expectations in. ‘Cause it will ruin you. My first day I had no idea what to do. I applied for an admin assistant job, but as a start you start in a shop. So I did, but fun for me was that I got to play my second day, so my job now is now to play. I’ve been in China for four days and has already played for about 1000 people. It’s wonderful, they give me applause to show their appriciation. Sometimes in the end of songs and sometimes in the middle. They take a lot of photos with me in it. Meanwhile I’m playing. Standing beside me and putting their arm around my shoulder sometimes. It’s fun! They’re really sweet though, fixing their hair and take of their warmer sweater so they’ll look their best. I just keep on singing!

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I live with two girls. You can lock the door on the inside, both with key and an inside lock. But if you lock the inside lock, you can’t open from the outside. Even if you have the key. Good for me I felt like bringing my guitar home, so I started to write a song meanwhile I was waiting for someone inside to open the door. My phone had died and well, my roomies were sleeping. Good acoustic though 🙂

This is just some of my stories I will share with you. From now on my blog will be pretty much about China, for the simple reason that here is where my hat is. In my case, more of here is where my guitar is.

I’ll keep you updated,