Sometimes you do so much in a day that you are so focused and present that when you get back to your normal state of being you’re not sure what actually happened. Yesterday was like that. State of creativity is the best place to be is my opinion!

Yesterday it was shooting of the music video. I had the pleasure to be filmed by Fredric Ollerstam ( Then there will be dancing, singing and violinplayin and more…
Lot’s of work to be done yet, but a lot of it is done too!¬†The producer is Christina Neferis, based in Los Angeles. One of her many project is L.A. Stories.

It’s exciting to work together with so many talented and creative people and I’m about as curious as I hope you are about the result of the music video. But I do have a very good feeling about it ūüôā

Enjoy your day!

Lot’s of love