Last week I spent some hours with my friends three and a half year old, since she had stomach flu.

We biked to the park, went in the swings, climbed, played in the pool, ate ice cream and you know, normal stuff you do with small kids. As you can see on the picture, he’s a very cool kid, even with pink ice cream all over his face. During our ice cream break I asked him what his favourite song was in the whole world. I was curious what songs he was singing at kindergarden and expected him to say one of those.

Without a millisecond of doubt he answered: ‘Shine’.

I was so surprised and happy. ‘Shine’ is my song ‘Shining star’. When I had just written it I was at their place playing it, trying to learn the song properly. This little kid took his own little guitar, played and sang ‘shine, shine, shine’. We had a nice jammin session.

In one of my reviews of my second album it was written that my music aimed for an adult audience. Obviously I have a younger audience appreciating it as well ūüôā

Btw, this kid is one of my most frequent concert visitors an he’s such a good audience. Listening really attentively. I have other concert visitors around the same size/age. They are in general really good. Not that the adults are in any way forgotten! I love all ages and I love to have all of you in my audience! All varieties contribute to beauty.

Have a sweet week!