I’ve mentioned a long time ago that I had a collaboration with a wine society. Then I went to Asia for some months and now I’m back and on the wine/music collaboration again.

What I do is that I taste and feel the wine. I taste it both with my tastebuds and my heart. Wine has a history, a soul, just as music. Then I match with my songs. I’m glad that my music is so versatile, ’cause each wine has a special need. You might feel that it’s a heavy wine and think you have a kind of melancholic song that would be perfect. Then you notice that your song was melancholic, but still had a sense of hope. And that hope just ruins it. You might think that a song is perfect for a blues, but it’s more expressive and passionate, in more of a tango way. I’ve done my best and the 5th of february the second time is on.

Luckily we have a very passionate chief that will cook matching food for the wine and music. Three small courses that together will be as much as a full meal!

Welcome to an evening for your soul and tastebuds!

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Wine, music, food and tryffelsvinet!

Lots of love,