This was the best midsummer I’ve had my whole life I think. It was so entertaining I’m still giggling…

I was playing traditional midsummer songs for about 1500 people that was dancing around the midsummer pole. It’s funny when you realize what you’ve been doing for your whole life. I was instructing the dances, in english, ’cause it was 50% international folks. One song the instructions is like this: You walking around in a circle and then when you sing kwack you jump as a frog.

So 1500 people was jumping as frogs around the midsummer pole. The midsummer pole is actually a symbol for fertility. To be more exact it’s a penis. When your on a stage that is 1,5 meter high and see this from above it’s hilarious and really hard to sing when you want to laugh. I’m not laughing at them, because I’ve done the same thing my whole life and I will do the same thing next year. I just realized that if you’re from another country it has to be a really fun experience to jump around a big penis as a frog with flowers in your hair!

Then the day and night continued and I ended up celebrating the rest of the day and night with wonderful and unexpected people.

As I said… Still giggling….

Life is fun and full of love!