A couple of days ago I googled pictures from different years. The years changed, but the word I googled as well was ‘Syria’. The demonstration against Assad was year 2011, so I googled pictures from 2008-2015. I’ll be honset and tell you that I didn’t know much about Syria and bunched it together with the middle east. Reason, I just didn’t have any interest in the country, I wasn’t either not interested, but it’s just never crossed my mind so much.

2008-2010 I saw pictures of beautiful buildings, people wearing colourful clothes, smiling and it looked like a life more or less wherever you are in the world.
2011 was a lot of pictures of the protest. What I understand it started as a peaceful demonstration that the people wanted another leader. This didn’t end well, (you can read in detail what happened each date jan-apr 2011). People didn’t have the right to say their opinion and show that they wanted another future for their country. People were killed at funerals, teenagers tortured because they had written on a wall that they didn’t want the regime etc. So much more to say here, but I’ll continue.
The prince in Malaysia said recently that people with power are there to serve the people, not the opposite. That’s a brave and very wise man!
2012-2015 There’s no more pictures of nice buildings and nice cities. There’s people with not even whole clothes, obviously no homes, dirty, guns, soldiers.

Think about it.
1.What did you do five years ago? Did you have a home? A family/friends? Food on the table? Could you go outside your home and feel pretty safe that you weren’t going to be killed? Were you pretty sure that when you came home to your friends and family that they were going to be there?
2.Which of these questions are changed in your life now? Do you still have friends and family alive? Do you have a home and food? Do you still assume that you and the people close to you will be alive today and tomorrow and for some time forward?
I don’t need you to answer me. I need you to answer yourself. I think that most Syrians said yes to the questions in section 1, and no to section 2.

There’s a civil war going on in our world.

There’s a discussion about how many, if, and what to do when they get here. Sweden, which of course makes me very proud were the first one out in EU to open a legal way into the county for refugees from Syria. As well, guarantee them a permanent residence. Sweden still have a number of just letting 1900 immigrants in. Germany is doing fantastically as well. More needs to be done, by more countries and more people. To give money to some organisation is a great thing. ‘Cause if we’d all go there would be a lot of people having nothing to help with. Money buys stuff, we’re not all supposed to be there. We play a different part and with all parts together, there’s harmony.

Now, there are people with narrow minds in Sweden as well. They comment a lot on internet, putting their own suffering first, when obviously their problem is not a threat to their lives. This pisses me off. We’ve all had hard times in our lives, but when narcissistic behaviours overtake common sense and humanity, we have a big problem. No matter where I live in the world, I know that the worst place will be where people don’t see you or care about you. Friend or stranger. This is something serious. The less we care about other people we shut off love in our own lives. To do this and to be around people like this is emotional abuse and is just as painful as physical abuse. We need to love. ‘Cause if we don’t we will die, even if our bodies will continue to live.

I recommend you to google pictures Syria 2008 and every year until 2015. When it comes to immigration I recommend to watch Hans Rosling. Here’s one of his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_QrIapiNOw 

The only thing constant in life, is change. Either you fight against it or you embrace it and make it flourish.

There’s a civil war going on in our world.IMG_0250