New year 2013/2014 I went with my lovely friend Charlotte to celebrate the new year in London. We had a lovely time and because of the time difference we celebrated the new year twice!

New years day Charlotte was still in bed and I couldn’t sleep so I went out. It was my first time in London and I wanted to go to Notting Hill. I had a little strange feeling in my body, not because of alcohol from the night before, but another feeling. I needed to get something out. I forgot to bring my notebook and pen so I bought a little pad in a touristshop and a pen. Both with the english flag on it. I walked on the streets and found a little Italian café, had a cappuccino and some chocolate and started to write in my little pad.

The whole Italian family was there and the man who owned the place was really sweet. He pet me on the shoulder as he gave me some bigger paper to write on. Kind of gave me the feeling of a grandfather just looking out for you.

The song that came to me and wanted to be written that day was ‘Made for love’.

I hope you enjoy it!

The lyrics are further down on this page if you’re interested.

Walking the streets of Notting Hill,
Imagining a love story to begin.
Where we’ll meet and what we’ll say,
knowing, somehow, that this is the day.

The day I meet my one true love,
knowing that this time I am enough.
The one that says sweet words and stays,
not saying I’m perfect and walks away.

Sometimes it’s hard, hard to see
if I was made for love
and love was made
for me.

People say I’ll meet the right one, one day.
But I start to think it’s just something you say.
Maybe I was made for something else.
I know, I’m good at increasing people’s confidence.

Maybe I was made for all of you,
I know, I can make you believe that your dreams can come true.
But when I doubt all that I am,
it would be nice to have a loving man.

Sometimes it’s hard, hard to see
if I was made for love
and love was made
for me.