In February I hit a little bump on my road. I’ve really been focusing only on music for the last years. Talked about it, played, thinking, getting strategies to reach out. I’ve actually also received a good result in form of better gigs, more people, more payed. I love every part of it, but the backside is that even though I might get more payed now than before, doesn’t mean it’s enough to survive. As most people are aware of musicians don’t get much, some of them do in the end and some don’t. I don’t have a problem living on a sparse economy, but I can choose how I’ll do it and how I want to live my life and what’s important. I have made myself a promise in life. I will always be happy, even if it means I have to give up what I believed in before. Now, of course I won’t give up music. It’s my life, my breath, my comfort zone, my teddybear and happiness. I just needed a little different perspective and to stir things up in my life. I needed a different strategy to make most of my present. Still have the same goal, but I’m bloody hell going to enjoy the ride until I get there.

I did a life line. The kind where you make a line with all your ups and downs. First, I just remembered the bad part, so my line went from middle to down up to the middle again. That was just wrong, ’cause I’ve had a really entertaining life so far, even during my bad periods. So I drew another line with the good stuff. So my line became bubbly. I looked at the ups and saw the paddern. I love adventure and creating. So I just had to arrange a creative adventure and voila. Now I’ll move to China for half a year to work at the international horticultural expo. I’ll play as well of course and write more songs that I can share with you all.

Here’s the homepage to the Expo:

I do have one last gig in my hometown, Karlshamn, on Sunday, before I leave to Qingdao, China. It’s a nice ending of this time. To do what I absolutely love the most and what I’ve done pretty much this spring. I really look forward to play here again, ’cause the audience I have in Sweden is just magic. Hopefully the chinese audience will love me too…

What feels really great this adventure is that I really love my life at home. I have the most beautiful, loving friends in the world that I’ll miss very much and I really look forward to come back to. Before when I’ve traveled I’ve had good friends, but I haven’t been calm within myself and enjoyed so much being in Sweden. So I’ve always loved going away, but kind of not ever wanting to come back.
I love, love, love this adventure, but I also look forward to coming back and to meet my friends again with all our stories we’ll share. To feel all the love, comfort, laughter and just know where you belong.

Life is about having fun and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it!