I’ve read what I think many of you have read as well.  This world is so beautiful, there are so much treasure and sweetness in this world. Still, there are so much suffering and lack of respect towards people and nature. I still believe that we can make it work, if we just do a little each. Normally I keep myself from writing about the world, politics and society. I think it is because it just hurts me so much and there are so many people just seeing the negative part. According to me, we have to see the problem acknowledge it, then  focus on where we want to go and go that way, instead of  being stuck just talking about the problem. I like sollutions.

I will share some articles here that you can read if you like to.

  1. This first one is about the ocean. How much carbon dioxide we put into the water. What i don’t like about this article is that there’s no mention of what we can do better. We all know there’s a problem with earth because of us, but if there’s a problem, there has to be a sollution. ‘Cause we will be the end of this chain that we create. If you have any ideas, of how I can make this a better place please share your ideas with me!
    The Pacific ocean perlious turn overview
    “Burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas, belches carbon dioxide into the air. But a quarter of that CO2 then gets absorbed by the seas — eight pounds per person per day, about 20 trillion pounds a year.”
  2. Second one is about this little girl, that’s just one of them all. I’m talking about the little girl in Yemen that was killed on her weddingnight because of internal bleeding. Yes, I know it’s tradition and maybe rape is not proper to say, but that’s how I would put it.
    8 year-old Yemeni child bride dies of internal injuries
    I don’t understand this at any angle. How can you develope a tradition like this and how can any man feel like having something sexual to do with a child at all? What can I do about it? If you have any ideas, of how I can make this a better place please share your ideas with me!
  3. A video that just says it all by it self: Who doesn’t like to watch half naked girls dancing, these guys after they see why it’s happening?
  4. Last and one I unfortunately just have in swedish. I cried like a baby when I read it some days ago.
    Två miljoner våldtagna i krigets Kongo
    “If you put hate in people you can’t expect love”, is what he’s saying about his country.
    The world has the capasity to stop the war. Because you don’t fight between tribes, not about ethnicity, not about religion. The war is about money. You fight to controle mines, to contole the resourses of Congo. The world gets the resourses, minerales to mobile phones. The world can continue to get them, but n a correct way, without finansing weapons that distroyes women. The women that dies don’t even have mobile phones. They don’t even know why they dies”.

    Here’s a little translation what this article is about:
    It’s a doctor that works at a hospital called Panzi in Congo. His name is Doctor Mukwege and he is, according to me, one of the biggest heroes on earth. To his clinic it comes women that’s been raped and tortured. They’ve had plastic bottles put on fire then to their skin at any place possible. Women and girls in all ages comes to his hospital. Some has had a gun put up in their vagina and a shot gone through. One girl tells about when she and her sister got raped and then they nailed her sister to the wall. They’ve  cut of the husbands head and put on womens cheast meanwhile they’re raping them. A 3-year old they tell about in this article didn’t have any rectum or genital left. The doctor just screamed when he saw it. He is working every day with this. One time he asked the world for help and some people tried to kill him. He’s still working very day.

I have a mobile phone and I’ve had a few. In some wayit might make me a part of it.

What I’ve done the last 10 years is that instead of buying Christmas gifts I’ve taken the amount I should pay for the gifts and instead given the money to an none religious nor political organization helping people and the world to become a better place. Yes, it’s just money I’m giving, but I don’t have interest nor time to educate/experience myself to become a doctor, ecologist, politician. This is my little tribute. When I read the article about Congo I decided that from now on all the physical birthday present to people would be the same. In the end, what better gift than a better world can I give to the people I love?

Maybe there are many countries, cultures, languages, but there is just one world.

This is the way I’m thinking: I’m responsable for my own actions and my own none-actions. Every day I go to sleep I want to be proud of who I am and that I’ve helped myself towards the person I want to be, hence who I actually am. We’re humans in different cultures and situation. I can’t save the world, neither can you. That’s ok, but we can help each other. I think that most important is to do small stuff to the people around you every day. If you hear someone saying something smart, tell them. Someone doing something nice, tell them. Love and sweet actions/words are meant to be shared. Share it! I do it all the time, to people I know and strangers. I’ve had a many good experiences with this no one has ever been bothered by me saying kind things to them. Karma will bite, but karma can also give you a giant hug! It’s up to you which response you want from karma.