There’s a book in Swedish for children where the little kid is telling his dad all the time “I will just…”. For example, if the dad says that the dinner is ready, then the kid “will just” have to do something.

This “I will just” can be applied on a lot of activities. There are bad and good I will just-things. It’s the ones that you do because you want to feel good about yourself, like cleaning the house, cooking dinner, working, exercising etc. These are the ones I’d put in the bad category. Let me explain. These ones can be good as well, if they remain something you do to feel good and have it nice around yourself, but they can also be bad if you can’t skip them without feeling bad. Then it’s a “have to”. I love having a clean house, cooking, working, exercising etc. I just don’t feel bad if I skip it. Work, is of course a little different, because it’s about getting payed, but if I’m sick or have to be off one day I’m not feeling bad about it. The job will work out just fine.

The good “I will just” is what I want to talk about. This is something that I’ve found in a lot of people within many of activities.



Surfing – just one more wave.
You can feel your body is tired, you’ve been in the water for hours and you’re waiting for what you think is the last wave. Then you catch it and glides in perfectly and you’re so happy, so you paddle out for just one more. Or you didn’t catch it they way you planned, and you want to finish on top. Then the sun goes down. The surfers – I will just get one more wave.


Dancing – just one more dance.
My focus is salsa/bachata and even a little bluesdancing. After been dancing for some hours and you start to feel you’re body is tired, but your mind is wired. Still the thought about going home is starting to get to you. Then you dance one dance that is really good and you feel so happy, so you want another. Or you dance a not so good one and want to end on top. Then they close the place. The dancers – I will just dance one more dance.


The musicians – just one more time.
When you’re playing a song you really like playing and you want to arrange it or make one part a little better you just keep on playing. This goes for both playing together and by yourself. Just one more time, to get the right feeling in every tone, in every word. To get the presence, the energy, everything. I do not recommend to cook at the same time. I’ve burnt so much food, meanwhile playing “just one more time”. When you’re playing you want to end with the perfect version at that moment. When you’ve played the perfect version, you just want to enjoy it one more time. Musicians – I will just play it, one more time.

There are many other examples I know about and a lot I don’t know about. One thing all the good “I will just” have to’s, is that the only reason you want it one more time is that you’re in contact with the true core of your creative soul. You’re one with yourself. There’s never a pressure or bad feeling behind, it’s always passion that leads you to do it in the first place and makes you go just one more time. People are feeling good when they are active and creative and I love being around people that just have to do whatever one more time.