I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I was in my hometown with my family and well, ate a lot and then Santa came.
I haven’t bought Christmas presents for 10 years. Instead I take the amount I’m supposed to buy gifts for and give it to organizations as Amnesty, Doctors without Borders and occasionally I’ve given it to WWF. Since I don’t give presents I don’t get so many either. Maybe one or two from my mum. I do appreciate that present very much ’cause it’s nice to get something. At the same time I’m very proud just getting one or two. ‘Cause in that way I also don’t contribute to over consumption in the society. As well as I can focus on my family instead of stuff.  Best thing is for example this year one of my brothers gave me 10 days supply to a park keeper since the illegal hunting of elephants, tigers and rhinos has increased. I love when what I give is what I get, a better world.

Now, this year I spent my money on something else than Amnesty and Doctors without Borders.
I adopted a rat and not just any rat, a HEROrat! Or actually two.
What  a HEROrat does is either they are trained to find mines or find tuberculosis. A mine rat covers about 200 to 400 square meters a day. So instead of sending out innocent children to clean areas they train rats to find the mines so the can deactivate the mines. As I said I have two rats. This one I’ve named Nelson Mandela.

My second rat is a tuberculosis rat. Not a rat that has tuberculosis, but a rat that can diagnose tuberculosis. Since TB is easily spread it’s very important to diagnose TB really fast. One rat can evaluate in ten minutes more samples than a lab technician can do in one day. My TB rat I’ve given the name Florence Nightingale.

Both my rats are in their mothers womb and will be born about two weeks. If you want to check it out you can find it here: http://www.apopo.org/en/
I find it extremely cool that solutions are so close by. We can make this a better place with using our creativity and intelligence. All of us, yes, now I’m talking for you too, which I never do, but this time I do. All of us want to live in a loving world. This is my contribution to you too.

I wish you a happy new year and an amazing 2014!