Hello people,

I enjoy to do a lot of things, music of course, but I love to interact with all kinds of people. I love walking on new ground. The picture to this blogpost is from when I was at Champions League in Lissabon (Benfica vs Lyon). I love soccer! And the quality of the soccer game was great. Of course I was impressed with the trained eagle as well flying over the staduim. CL was amazing. I try to do this to enrich my life so I can feel more, hence write more songs, play more music and record more albums. This is my life how I enjoy it. Doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone.

There’s something I’ve been thinking about. A lot of times people post photos on facebook, like this one:


I think it’s supposed to be inspiring, but it’s just not to me. I find it like words of limitation. If you want to strife in your life and never reach your goal, okey, it’s for you. It’s just not for me. This is how I see it:

1. Never blame anyone in your life.
No, you shouldn’t go around blaming people, for that simple reason that it takes too much energy from yourself. In general, people actually tries to do their best. Sometimes you just don’t have the same opinion or way of acting. So it might seem to you like idiocy, but then try to see a sollution and if there’s none, have a cup of coffee and think about sunshine instead.

2. God people give happiness.
Wrong, it’s just wrong. The only one in my life that can make me happy is me, myself and I. I can have great people around me that makes it easier for me to keep that lovely balance within myself. It’s my choice which people I will have in my life and what people I consider are worth my time and my unlimited love. If I find someone else that’s happy too we can help eachother to keep that good spiral. But noone can make me happy if I can’t make myself happy.

3. Bad people give experiences.
I don’t know about you, but I have A LOT OF VERY GOOD EXPERIENCES in my life. Yes, there’s been some really tough times as well, but I’m human and I’m living a human life. But I don’t understand this urge of fighting. Why is it that good experiences don’t count? A great laugh is the best experience I can have. Share your smile and the world will smile with you. An interesting thing I’ve noticed is that it’s so much easier to get a nice smile from a woman you pass on the street than a man. Yes, of course I get a lot of smiles from men too, but sometimes I worry, ’cause I don’t see so many men smile spontaniously. Are you not happy? It would make me sad. I’m happy I’m a woman and was born smiling.

4. Worst people give a lesson.
People give different experiences. As a teacher I’d say that “Worst people”, as I interpret it, is the ones that use fear as a method. That’s just bad teaching. Good lessons are made by people that can make you trust yourself and try your wings. The ones that make you believe that anything is possible. “He did not know, he could not fly, so he did”(from the song ‘The Cape’, I love Eric Bibbs version). Choose your teacher.

5. Best people gives memories.
Everybody including yourself give you memories, good or bad. If you don’t forget them, but that could be because it’s not so important to you where you are in life, or you just need a reminder, or you just lost your memory because of age. Or this can just maybe be because you’re enjoying where you are right now so you don’t think in past tense.

If I would rephrase these phrases it would be something like this:

1. You’re always responsible for your own actions. Make the ones that makes you proud of who you are.
2. You are your only source to true happiness. Find it within and it will embrace you from outside.
3. Experience everything you can, do the good ones over and over and the bad ones, learn and then leave.
4. Welcome people that makes you grow. The others you kick out the door they came from.
5. Enjoy your present and always trust your heart.

Maybe my words are wrong to you as the ones on the photo was wrong to me. In the end, without each other, we would never be who we are. So thank you for being you and being a part of this universe. You’re cool!