– Do you like Italy?
– I love it!
– But, do you really love Italy?
– Yes.
– But, do you really love everything about Italy?

I looked into his eyes and said:
– I live in a castle in Italy where they make heavenly good wine. Yes, I love everything I know about Italy.
– Seriously?! You live in a castle where they make wine?
– Yes.
– Ok. I understand. You love Italy.

This was a conversation I had this weekend. My perspective of Italy might be a little different than from what most italians are experiencing as a living situation.

Many has asked what I’m doing here and I’ll try to tell you a little.
I live in north of Italy and working in a castle that makes seriously (!!!) good wine. I’ll be here for about half a year and will take care of guests and give some wine tasting. I have a very nice boss and colleagues, dogs, cats and beautiful nature around me. The castle is called Castello di Tagliolo and it’s so beautiful, with small little cosy, picturesque apartments to stay in, a very nice garden, with beautiful view over the hills. The evening I arrived it was a wedding here and one of the first pictures that got stuck in my mind was the beautiful bride in the yard. Romance overload!
_MG_5936 The castle, Castello di Tagliolo
_MG_6083Lot’s of wine

I’m trying to learn Italian and every other second I have panic because it’s going so slowly, then I remember that I’ve just been studying the language once a week for two months in Sweden and I’ve just been here two weeks. So I remind myself that not so long ago I knew nothing of this language and now I can at least ask some basic questions, like “Where is your house?”, as you might need if an half blind, half deaf, without teeth, very old man gets in your car (my last blogpost about just that). Still just ordering orange juice, ’cause I always forget to google what apple is in Italian, but I’ll get there…

_MG_6144One of the vineyards
_MG_6150My boss telling me about the vineyards, meanwhile I’m playing with my new camera and oh, also listening. Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot noir, Chardonnay…

The reason I ended up here is the same reason I ended up in China, which turned out to get me to Malaysia. I loved my life in Sweden, my friends, what I was doing, but it was just something that I needed to do. I needed to disconnect to all my physical things and move back home to my heart.
Before China I made a life line. You know, the ups and downs in your life. The ups, where I wanted to go again all said the same thing. Music, like releasing my albums, playing live, playing together with people and adventure which for me is including traveling, new experiences, learning new things, culture, language. So I went on an adventure to China and Malaysia, all including music. Went back to Sweden, for a longer visit and now I’m here, in Italy.
Please, just don’t call me a princess, just because I happen to live in a castle. I’m 34. Not 4. Of course, it would be nice to have someone riding by my side, but I’m not just in a pretty little dress, waiting for a knight in shining armour to save me. I have nothing to be saved from.

What I find is that opportunities are always approaching, if you just stay open to them.  I have a habit of ending up in countries and places with very nice people. I think there’s a secret to-do-list already written for my life and I know nothing what’s on it. So I enjoy the moment and see what comes next.
So far, the only thing I need to know is that my perspective is that I love Italy.

_MG_6392In Recco, Genova, the sunset is beautiful everywhere…. 

As François de La Rochefoucauld said “The only thing constant in life is change”. The more I experience, my perspective will change. But like love, you fall in love, then it might fly away or it just grows and you will love the whatever it is country, place, person, just the way it is.