I know that the brain can receive more information if it’s allowed to take a brake a little now and then. It’s even more recipient to take in information if there’s music during the brakes. Music affects your emotions, your mood, your state of mind and being, so much so it actually can wake up people from coma. It can also make too early born children grow faster. (True facts) I’ve studied some music therapy and it’s too bad that a lot of society doesn’t see that value of music and art.

Then sometimes you do meet those people that knows it. One person that knew it was the organizer of the conference “Internet i Fokus”(internet in focus), David Klein. I met him in the November 2013 and introduced my idea. He thought it was excellent and introduced it to the group that arranged it. Some agreed, some didn’t. David knew he was right and fought about it. So I played.

March 25 was the conference. The place was filled up with about 400 people with interest in internet and social media, both private and professional. It all started at 8 a.m. with mingle and closer to 9, they started to fill up the venue. When they entered the room I was playing, this gave a result of them waking up really smoothly. I was nervous. I knew it was a great idea, but I also knew they were there to listen to lectures about internet, so I wasn’t sure of the response. It went great. After a few songs I introduced the moderator.

The day kept on with so much great and valuable information about internet, the good sides and bad sides and how to use it and how not to use it. I learned much about things I knew about, but obviously there were so much more. It was such a pleasure to listen to the speakers all day.

After lunch I played some more and the last time after the coffee break during the afternoon. The time after the coffee I started a little earlier than said, ’cause I was told to. The only thing was that the moderator wasn’t told that I was starting a few minutes earlier, so when I introduced him, he wasn’t there… As an entertainer I started to talk about things and I said that I could tell them a funny joke, but the only ones that gets stuck in my head is the ones that I’ve learned from 10-year olds during summer camp… Anyway I did it and the audience were so sweet. The day after I was laughing about it, ’cause I made the most stupid joke in front of 400 very intelligent people… Proud anyway and just that was a joke it self!
Then I remembered that the reason I was on stage was because I was playing, so I suggested that I should play one more song…

The response was magic. All these people shouted out a giant ‘yes’, which made me realize that I could’ve played 10 more songs and they would love it. They were expecting a lot of power point and talks, which they got. Still they were so open minded so they could listen and appreciate the music that was delivered. Intelligent, open minded people is the best thing I know. I might have fallen in love with 400 people that day. Just because they’re special.

The people that didn’t agreed that it was a good idea, told me that it had been a true pleasure being wrong. Humbleness is awesome, is also just used by really smart people.

Music affects your emotions, your mood, your state of mind.
I want to introduce this lady that has absolutely nothing to do with this conference. Music saved her life (literally) in the concentration camp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrXHcQyixTE

So music actually save lives. I’m sure that there would be less violence and war if music, art, theatre, dance were to be experienced, both as performer and watcher was a big part of everyones world. Doesn’t matter if you perform for a big audience or your cat. Doesn’t matter if you listen to a would star in a big arena or the guy outside your supermarket playing the same two songs on accordion. As long as you are happy, it’s perfect.

Oh, and the joke just works in Swedish.. sorry….

This was given to me by Stickerdude in New York


Have a fantastic day,