So, I left New York and m really sad about it. I love that town. Madly in love with it actually!

Right now I’m in the airport in Toronto waiting for my flight back to Europe/Scandinavia. Here at the airport I found a nice place with sweet and funny staff. To order something here you actually do it via an iPad. It’s really cool. You have the whole menu on the iPad and you press on what you want and someone brings it to you. Now, I love talking to people so I talk to the staff anyway. I do prefer the interaction with people, so I always will prefer to have people taking the order in person. But, yes, it is cool anyway!

They’re really funny the staff here. I’ve met so many nice people on this trip. Like really, really nice! one or two strange  people as well of course, but I was expecting to meet so many strange people. People have been friendly and helpfull and I’ve felt taken care of in a way I actually don’t remember when it was the last time.

I’m really tired, but I’m all through extremely happy in my body and soul!