I had had my guitarstudents earlier during the day yesterday and some of them wanted to play Royals with Lorde. So I was listening to that song on my way home from a friend yesterday evening. I think it’s a great song and I just felt that I wanted to dance to it. The only thing is that I think it’s hard to dance and walk at the same time. If I dance I’ll just never get home. So I decided to dance when I came home, but when I was home I was actually too tired. So I wrote it in my calendar for today, so I wouldn’t forget it.

When my reminder rang today I was laughing. This is so typically me, I just want to enjoy things and I want to do them properly. So I put the alarm to remember to dance by myself in my own home. The only reason of it is, ’cause I’ll enjoy it. I love dancing. I think it gets you in contact with your own body, soul and your own presence. It also gets the music into yourself in a different way when all of you is experience the music.

In the end, the calendar is there to help you remember important things. I think it’s important to enjoy life as much as possible. We all do it in different ways, this is one of many of mine. What’s yours?