A little more than a year ago I adopted two rats. Some people might know this since I talked about them constantly… I named them Nelson Mandela and Florence Nightingale. They aren’t just any rats. They save lives and they are so called Herorats.

The training centre for the Herorats is in Tanzania and the organisation is called Apopo.

Nelson Mandela is a mine rat. although he’s trained in Tanzania, he is now based in Mozambique, to clear the ground from mines so that people there can start to grow, live and use the land. I’m very proud of my little rat as he has succeeded already to find some mines.

Skärmavbild 2015-03-06 kl. 12.51.02

Florence Nightingale is a tuberculosis rat. One rat can evaluate, in ten minutes, more samples than a lab technician can do in one day. She’s still in Tanzania and is working as we speak. She has already succeeded and found her positive sample of TB in a patient. That patient is now treated and healthy. I’m very proud of her.

The people that work with the rats seem so sweet and loving to the creatures. I love every time I get an update about my rats.

Skärmavbild 2015-03-06 kl. 12.52.08

This has been my christmas gift to my family the last two years. I like to give a better and more peaceful and healthy world.



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