Years ago I lived in a small town called Västervik in the east of Sweden. One day there was a concert with the clarinet legend Putte Wickman. I tried to get people to come with me, none where that interested. When I finally decided to go by myself, as I often do to concerts, it was sold out. The year after he died at the age of 82. Amazing that this man kept his passion for all those years. Not only kept the passion, but performed as well.

As you probably understand, my regret was that I didn’t go, that I didn’t buy the ticket when I had the chance. And that I never went and tried to get in anyway, and even if I couldn’t get a ticket, at least I could’ve tried to sneak in… I love paying for concerts and experiences, but if there’s no tickets to be bought…

The reason this crossed my mind today was that I started my morning with listening to Putte Wickman playing Misty. People listen and experience things differently. Listening, seeing, tasting. I experience with my whole heart, if I don’t feel it, it’s just not for me. So this morning I kind of got knocked out by Misty. Morning coffee tasted great and I have an extremely exiting day ahead of me with work, interview, performance and dance.

My mood will be based on the magic tones of Putte Wickman today.

Here’s one song with him and one of my favorite guitarists Johan Norberg.

Enjoy your day!