This weekend I had a little minitour for four days.

It all started at a place called Aggershus, which is run by two artists. They bought an old school and remade it to their home. She has her studio where she paint on the top floor, he’s got his on the bottom floor. These two people are so full of love and wanted this house to be used as good as it could be. In their garden is a house that used to be a chapel. Now they use it for theatre and painting classes and for concerts. This was just such a warm and loving place to play and the audience were so attentive and sweet.

The second day I played at a student place. This was really nice to, not magic as the first place. But that’s a thing I really like with playing, seeing and meeting all this new people and places. I always meet new cultures and new codes of what is right and wrong to behave. Small differences, but I find it easy to read them and I love it.

Third day was a café with focus on guitars. I love it. Me and my percussionist that I hafd just met once in my life before met up there. He was my soundengineer last time I was playing in Stockholm. Love interacting and playing with talented people, so we had to play somewhere and this was an awesome start. We went down to the basement to rehearse and there was about 50 guitars. Best rehearsal room ever! Tobias (the percussionist) is talented so it took no time to rehearse the songs. He played cajun. I started to play and he joined me after 3 songs. It was a nice and relaxed atmosphere and if felt like we had just a very nice jamsession on the sweet little stage.

So I came home, tired but filled up with love and joy!

Tonight I’ll have a show at a place in Malmö called Sugar Ditch. Wanted to play in Malmö before I head to China and voila there it was!

Life is so exciting!