Yesterday was one of those days. You know, when you’re tired, hungry and just want to crawl into bed watching a film or reading a book. So with that feeling I came home. I opened the door and on the doormat a bright yellow envelope was waiting for me. My tiredness, hunger and moviemood was gone. Instead I had to clean the apartment fix something to eat, because when you’re reading a handwritten letter you and your home has to have a good vibe.

So I cuddled up in my sofa with a cup of tea and opened the letter. Lovely!
A handwritten letter contains so much. I knew that the woman that had written it had chosen the paper, she took the time, found the place and she payed the attention to just what she was about to write. Then she didn’t stop there. She actually bought a stamp and she did go to the mailbox.

I realized how much of a symbol this was for todays life. ‘Cause when I read her letter, I couldn’t answer her that second. I had to read the whole letter, find myself some paper and write. The whole thing started with, yes, facebook. She wrote on her status something about mail and penpals. Some of her friends commented it, I wrote in her inbox “Write me your address and I’ll send you a letter”. It’s so much excitement! I don’t know when she would get the letter. Normally the post works fine, but you never know. Letters can be lost. What really made me happy is that she did not write to me on facebook the day she got it. I didn’t know if she had received it. I didn’t know if she would find the time to write me back nor if it very fast would turn into nothing. But yes, I did get the letter. It is worth waiting for things. Everything happens so fast in the world. If you write someone you get a response normally within seconds. We’re so informative and I do love that too, but it’s so exciting to go back to humanity and to see all the effort and time laying on your doormat. Waiting for you to come home.

When I was little I had pink paper and envelopes with my little pony on it. I tried to find matching paper and envelope, but it’s so extremely hard! There’s nowhere to be found! I found matching paper and envelope, but just with colors, not patterns. I maybe would prefer something different than my little pony now, but anyway I want patterns on my envelope and paper. As it’s supposed to be.

A beautiful story in my life is my uncle and his wife. They met and lived pretty far apart, so they wrote to each other during one and a half year before they got married. They still are…

I will share this with you to tell that letters can save life:  

If you want a letter, enter the contact page and send and email. Just write your address and I’ll send you a letter. Or send someone a letter. Promise, you will make that persons day!