About half a year ago I saw the speech that Steve Jobs held at the graduation at Stanford University. I watch it a little now and then via TED. He says some words that follows me around, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”

This autumn and winter I did enjoy my time in Sweden, but I started to feel restless and had to figure out what could spice up my life. I stumble on this job opportunity in China. Stay hungry, stay foolish, so I went. I’ve met absolutely fantastic people and I’ve experienced some absolutely fantastic and some really weird stuff, but the Expo that I was supposed to work at miscalculated the amount of visitors so it’s going to be around 9 million less people than expected. ( They expected 12 million). I’m out of there as well as a lot of my colleagues because there was actually no job to do.
So anyway, Qingdao is a beautiful city, but it feels like a small town although it lives 8,5 million people here. So, if you never go here, it’s alright. You haven’t missed anything.

I’m heading for Beijing now a week with some of my sweet, new friends before I go to Malaysia. I’m really looking forward to move on. I have a good feeling about that country!

Although China wasn’t as I expected. I’m still staying hungry and who knows, this time maybe I’m not so foolish. The foolishness is always something you’ll find out if it was or not afterwards. I would never know if I did foolish things if I never did them, right? I would never learn anything new if I didn’t try things I didn’t know? So that must mean that if I never tried all these things, I’d never get wiser. If I keep up like this I’m going to be extremely wise when I’m old. Some of it, because I’ve read about it and a lot of it because I’ve experienced it. I love knowledge.  It’s awesome.

Looking forward to get a new impression of Asia! In the end, China is just one country and Qingdao is just one city.

Time to explore some more!


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