A lot happened the last month in Malaysia. Small things a little here and there, but the best was that I really felt all the love from the people around me. The reason I decided to leave is that I have so much people in Sweden I love. It was really wonderful to tell my friends and the love of my life that I’m coming home. But it took really long time to tell the people in Malaysia that I was about to leave. I didn’t want to tell them ’cause I didn’t want to leave, but I had to go ’cause I really wanted to meet the people in Sweden and hug them again.

The reason I went to Asia was because I found myself stuck in my life. It was beautiful and lovely and I loved it, but I felt something was missing. I made a lifeline and saw that when I’ve been the most happy I’ve released albums, created music, but even more, travelling and being on an adventure. I’ve been living abroad before, but there’s a big difference between going abroad when you’re around 20 and when you’re around 30. The difference is that you have no idea about consequences when you’re around 20 (and you think you know so much more). Stupidity and bliss of inexperience. Now I know I can end up by myself, it takes time to build good and true friendship and I also know I might not find someone I want to be close friends with. If something would happen to me, it’s up to me to solve it wherever I am.

I knew I had to do it, I knew I had to go, to rip up all the comfort I had at home, ’cause the only true comfort has to be in your heart, not in the things around you. So, I applied for some jobs abroad and ended up in China. My normal luggage, guitar and a bag, and off I went. I’m grateful for China, although the boss have no grasp of reality and fooled me with money etc. But if it wouldn’t have been for China I would probably never get the opportunity to go to Malaysia.


I was lucky and was included in the local life in Malaysia from the beginning. I had my routines with running in the jungle with lovely and a little crazy people, just as I like it (and it takes one to enjoy the others). I met a wonderful girl that I had dinner, concert and salsa-routine every friday. I ended up with a new family.

I was lucky to get to play as well, ’cause you all know how much I love performing and the interaction with you, the audience. I’ve written some songs for a project in Malaysia and I’ll share that when it’s up and rolling.

When the plane left Penang, I did cry. I cried of success. Might sound strange, but for me I put myself out of my comfort zone, travel to a part of the world that I’ve barely thought about. I land with an open heart and what I get is just a giant amount of love. If I was scared of change and to lose the illusion of control I would never have experienced the most beautiful thing ever. I would never have met these beautiful people that tells me when I come back they’ll continue to take care of me. I would never have experienced to run in the jungle, with the goal of drinking beer. I would never have known how strange China is and that a country like that is allowed to exist. But we’re in the same world and have to accept that everything has a place. Who says we’re right? If I listened to my fears I would never have experienced the giant amount of love that’s in this world. And I would never experienced how I miss the people at home. It’s beautiful to miss people with your whole heart. The only problem is that now I’m bound to miss people wherever I go. But I will also receive a lot of love, wherever I go.

Life is just so…. so…. so…. perfect.

IMG_4119On my gig in Penang, Malaysia.

DSC_1164From Penang Hill.

IMG_4216Sunset above the clouds…