Hello dear folks,

Today has been one of these fantastic days when so much has happened so I’m not sure if it’s just one day or a week. I love those days!

I woke up early to prepare the last for a bachelor party. I was in charge for drama exercises. So I prepared the last went to the place to fix and look at the room. At the agreed time 11 men was waiting for me to instruct them for drama and I included some games. They were really sweet and easy going lads, I really enjoyed it! It’s so nice to work with people that are openhearted and creative! So that was an excellent start on the morning!

Then I had a gig with my fantastic violinist Filip Runesson. He always plays so good! I’ve played with him some years now and I still get impressed. He always surprises me with new things. I’ve tried his green violin and it’s not magic as I assumed, it’s just him that plays amazingly!

This gig was at a little festival so we took a walk afterwards and then we saw them. The radio controlled cars, neither Filip nor I had driven one of those for at least 25 years. It is so much fun!! That’s a have -to a lot this summer!

Then we threw dart and I won! You were supposed to hit a ballon. The thing is, I’m really terrible at dart. When it comes with rifles- no problem, basket-no problem. Dart, if you stand behind me you should watch out… But I aimed on one ballon and I nailed a ballon four ballons away !! So I won a plastic spiderman hammer and all the people I met on the train ride home was jealous. I could see it in their eyes… But who could blame them? It’s a really nice plastic hammer…


Then I rehearsed for the gig tomorrow with my bass player Kristian Rimshult (that’s actually my piano player on album #2). But he’s one of those people that just plays everything very, very good.

Tomorrow will be fun! It’s a really cosy festival and I’m looking forward to it!

Lots of love to all of you!