Next week is two totally different, but both very exciting gigs coming up.

The first one is on tuesday 25th.
It’s a conference about internet and a lot of different aspects about it and how to use it. There will be fifteen speakers during the whole day and I will start the day with some sweet good morning songs. I’ll play a little now and then during the whole day. Really looking forward to it! I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to knowledge and I love learning new things. Doesn’t matter what as long as I learn something, as long as the person who teach me is passionate about it.

This conference is in Malmö and is called Internet i Fokus. It’s a nice stage at a place called Palladium. It’ll be a pleasure to perform to all these people.

The second event I’ll perform at is in Gothenburg on wednesday 26th.
This is a collaboration with a wine society called Tryffelsvinet. We, Tryffelsvinet and I, will introduce seven wines this evening. To increase the flavor and scent of the wine I’ve matched it with my songs. To taste a wine is an experience that affect your senses. Music does the same, but different senses. Together it might be magic. You can read more about and apply to the event here: Events, Tryffelsvinet

I’m looking forward to next week and I really hope that I will have the pleasure to meet some of you!