2011 was the first time I released my album. I asked around friends where I could print my albums, with of course, the intention of a good prize and good quality. I was recommended to print it at CDpressning /Basementality /CDexpress (long story short: same thing, different name). So I googled it and found this service. For my second album, 2013, I used the same service as it was so easy last time and it went smooth this time too. I had a very nice impression of this company. When you’re in the middle of releasing your albums there’s a lot to think about, like codes, permits, release party, pictures, recording, mixing and of course, making the physical album and a lot more. So when I met a kind and helpful person at this moment I was  very grateful.
Have you ever thought about how life brings you to exactly where you need to be? I went to China and that was probably what made me get to this part of the world. I was supposed to go a little further and ended up in Malaysia. Basementality and CDpressning is actually where I work now in Malaysia. So I hopefully I will have the pleasure  to be an helping hand to you when you release your precious music!


I started to dance salsa/bachata about 2 years ago. My intentions was to just have it as a hobby and yesterday I realized one thing.  I’ve never gone to a workshop or a salsa festival. Just because I’ve preferred to spend my money and time at something else. It’s just my priority. Yesterday I realized that coincidentally this last year I’ve danced in Malmö, Copenhagen, New York, Shanghai, Beijing and Penang. I have a habit of saying ‘yes’ a lot of time and I just ended up at places and just wanted to dance. The great thing about salsa/bachata is that you’re very welcome everywhere in the world.


I want to end with a part of a conversation I had yesterday with a new friend.

Friend: Lovisa, it’s really amazing how you really are into the local life here after just a few months. Salsa world, Hashing, jam-sessions.
Me: I’ve just been here three weeks….

Embracing life and opportunities.

My life motto: do first, dare later….


Btw… the pictures are from Thailand. I just had a little vacation in a paradise island there for a few days… Who knew there could be a rainbow around the sun? You maybe did, I had no idea…