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Album #1, was recorded in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent). The album was released 2011 and is a mix of american folk, blues and country. On the record you can hear the excellence of Mark Boals back up vocals and Linus Abrahamsson contribution on bass and electrical guitar. The rest is played by Lovisa herself.

What critics thought about #1:

“Honest, from the heart like all the lyrics here. Nothing I can write can really do justice to just how beautiful this collection of songs is.” – Tony Floyd Kenna, Musicians Together Magazine.

“The ten songs on this gorgeous album are all beautifully conceived and written, but what lifts them that extra notch is Lovisa’s beautiful, emotion laden vocals and the extraordinary harmonies” – Mike Morrison, American Roots UK.

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Album #2 is released May 2013. This album has inspiration from Brazil, Ireland, L.A. and Sweden amongst other. Lyrics about experiences bad and good, relations to people, dead and alive. This is an album that brings you through everything from tragic to strengthen stories. Stories dressed in music inspired from different corners of the world and will be shared on stage. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Henrik Alsér (Robyn, The Hives, Soundtrack of our lives) in Växjö, with talented musicians as Filip Runesson, Steve Grahn, Paddy Sherlock and more. Music is the same as number one, just more of everything and added soul and bossanova.

What critics thought about #2:

From the songwriting to the production to Ståhl’s sweetly expressive vocals, this CD is a winner. Adult alternative and folk-rock enthusiasts will find a lot to admire on #2. – Alex Henderson, music journalist

Lovisa Ståhl #2 is a beautifully produced and packaged CD, the 12 songs are outstanding in their own way and the standard of musicianship is superb.
A great album.
Robert Craven, Musicians Together Magazine

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Shining Star, single 2013
Shining Star was released 3rd of April 2013. It was written 11-11-11 for the project One Day on Earth. Inspiration came from the idea of “Law of attraction” and the strife of always believing in being good enough, just the way you are.

“Shining Star” has an infectious hook and an empowering message (stay strong, believe in yourself, stay true to your goals), and if Ståhl were asked to perform the tune as a duet with Chapman or another R&B-influenced folk-rock/adult alternative artist at a Lilith Fair event, it would fit right in. – Alex Henderson, music journalist