I gave up, more than a decade ago
to waste money in the December snow.
My money was worth much more,
than anything I could buy at the store.
I thought as well that my precious time,
I’d rather spend with friends than in line…

Now, my herorats are searching for TBC and mines,
and they are worth every single, little dime.
As well Dr. Mukwege, WWF and Amnesty,
are some of the destinations for my money.
One christmas in Sweden, I spent with the homeless,
playing music and cleaning their dishes.

Doctors without borders are good at what they do,
I give them money, they cure the flu.
Even as a student, with limited economy
for me, this was no sacrifice, what I could see.
‘Cause in my heart, there’s still this little girl,
thinking the best gift has to be a better world…


(and my Christmas shopping is done for this year)