Tonight I played in Brooklyn for the first time in my life. i warmed up at an open mic in Manhattan and moved over to Brooklyn. There I met my very talented friend Liam Powers. We’ve just met once before and that was in Rio de Janeiro about one and a half year ago. If you want to check out is really nice jewellery his page is:

Anyway, last time I met him in Rio was a night. We were about 10 people and a guitar. It’s really nice to be on a beach in Rio with sweet people around you playing nice music and the Corcovado statue looking over you.

its so nice to have one great memory with someone in the world and second time you meet you get another one.

I really did enjoy playing at Goodbye blue Monday, and best of all, they enjoyed me too and I’m very welcome back!

Tomorrow I’ll play at Vivaldi Caffe at 7 pm!


Hope to see you there!