This is something that bothers me pretty much. All the people that has to confirm that they’re childish and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about people collecting grown up points for stupid reasons. I would count myself as an adult since I was 19.

To be an adult is to be able to pay your bills and take care of yourself and the people around you. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’re not feeling good about hanging out with a person, stop seeing that person. If you feel good about being around someone, take care of that person. If you don’t like your job, change job. If you have to stay at that job, change your perspective and get a hobby that you can look forward to. If you’re feeling unbalanced in life, get some therapy sessions. It’s just like having someone helping you where to start to clean your home when it’s really messy, and suggesting you to use the hover instead of the using the dish sponge to clean the floor, but in you’re brain instead.


Some discussions I’ve had about this already this year is one person that has to finish her final essay at her education, but she was really stressed ’cause she was working full time. I suggested to her to work 75% for one semester. She said she couldn’t ’cause her rent and bills were so high so she couldn’t afford to work part time. Obviously she has time and money to hit the wall, be stressed out and be at home afterwards… She said that as an adult she had so much bills. My second suggestion was to look over her economy. That would’ve been an adult thing to do. To be stressed out ’cause you have to work full-time and do your final essay, which your boss have an interest in, since you’re more attracted for your work, is irresponsible and childish.

Another one was going to buy an apartment with her boyfriend, she was stressed out ’cause she was about to enter the grown up world. I told her about my theory “if you can pay your bills, take care of yourself and people around you – you’re a grown up.” She realized that she’d been a grown up for about ten years and then she was just relaxed about it. She’s a smart woman. She understood that if she didn’t enjoy her apartment she could move. It didn’t make her more or less of a grown up with or without owning an apartment.

To have a child or three shows that you are able to have unprotected intercourse, nothing more. To take responsibility for your children, their development, interest and feelings is to be an adult.

I love adventure and new ideas. I don’t mind to move to the other side of the world, meet people, drinking wine, run in the jungle, dancing, communicate, learn new things, wake boarding, projects. I pay my bills, I have no children that depend on me and my action. If I meet someone that seems nice, but shows that they’re not. I will make him or her excluded from my life. If the people close to me needs me, I’ll be there in a second.


To be an adult is NOT the same as to be boring.

Here’s a proof of that:¬†I was laughing very much, ’cause I think this is really funny and creative people. They take responsibility for the joy in their life. I have friends over 70 and they’re still very funny, otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends.

In the building I live in they’re renovating a kitchen this week in someone else’s apartment. To wake up and eat breakfast to the sound of a drill is just extremely stressful and not harmonious at all. So today I crossed the street and had a nice hotel breakfast. That is to take care of yourself. I want a calm morning, this week my apartment can’t give me that, so something annoying turned out to something extremely lovely! Now, it cost a lot to do that every morning, so tomorrow I’ll take my breakfast to either work or I’ll just sit in the park with my breakfast from home. A morning picnic and fresh air in the morning is a magic start too. Perspective of situations. I’m taking care of my own well being, ’cause I’m an adult.


Being an adult and being boring is NOT the same thing. It’s a choice.

Do you get what I’m talking about?

Anyway, this is just my idea. You might feel differently and that’s ok. I will just not agree with you if you do, and that’s ok too ūüôā