Hello folks,

Ten years ago I lived in Paris and I worked at an Irish bar. I had great colleagues from all over the world. One of my colleagues was from the States and half Greek. Her name is Christina Neferis. (www.christinaneferis.com) We lost contact after some years but regained it because of facebook when I was in L.A to record my first album. We met and hung out during my visit. I released album #1 and  talked a little now and then on facebook. Not so long ago she asked me if I wanted her to put together some of her footage to one of my songs. So we started out to decide which song and then we started to plan. Or actually Christina started to make a plan. She told me what she wanted and she had great ideas. What I’ve learned is that if you’re working with experts within any profession is to let them be experts. Of course I have ideas, but I totally trust Christinas taste.
Christina told me that she wanted dancing, what kind of clothing, background which instruments etc. I received the list and then I went headhunting for the things she wanted. Venue to film in, clothes, people, person to film it, assistent to the cameraguy etc.
We filmed it and sent the videos to Christina. I’ve seen the clips, so I have an idea, but I don’t know the result. I’m excited and I hope you are too!!!

Here’s a little aperitif for what it might look like


Enjoy your day!

Stay happy, stay foolish!